About us

Langfang Pengcai Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise engaging in the production and sales (including import and export business) of chemical reagent and water treatment agent. The production base is situated in Langfang city. To better serve the customers, the company has established transit depot and office in Xiaojiao Ting, East of Guangqu Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing City, thus we’ve met with great favor!

Currently, the company has established long-term and stable cooperation relationships with biological enterprises, high-tech material enterprises, factories, colleges and universities. We attach great importance to reputation, observe contract, ensure quality and rapid delivery; moreover, we can offer considerate and overall service before sale, in sale and after sale, thus we are highly praised by users!

For long-term, stable and healthy development of the enterprise, and for mutual development between us, we sincerely welcome old and new clients to visit us and consult!

Chloride Carbonate Acetate Phosphate Citric acid Sulfate Nitrate Fluoride Tartrate  Hydroxide  Oxide Oxalate Dryer series Stearate Silicate Other.

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